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Movie Masher

open source online video editor and encoding api

Movie Masher Transcoder is a ready-made server that provides a flexible API used by web applications to process and combine video, audio and images on the fly. It's designed to support our open source online video editor, but can also be used independently for general media processing needs - transcoded files are POSTed securely to most any HTTP compliant server or service. Learn more in API XML Syntax.

The server is available within Amazon's EC2 infrastructure as an AMI, and is configured below to use their SQS offering to provide some scaling for varying traffic and resource requirements. Alternatively, instances of the Transcoder AMI can be accessed directly via a REST interface. Learn more in Architectures and Transcoder.

quick start

  1. sign up to use the Movie Masher Transcoder AMI in Amazon's EC2.
  2. create an SQS queue, using Amazon's Management Console.
  3. search for 'moviemasher-transcoder' in the console's EC2 Launch Wizard.
  4. launch instance(s) supplying User Data containing the queue URL and your AWS Credentials:
  5. follow the quick start in Server AMI for an example deployment that utilizes the API.
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