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Movie Masher

open source online video editor and encoding api

Movie Masher Server is a ready-made LAMP based web server with Movie Masher SDK preinstalled and configured to use the API provided by Movie Masher Transcoder. Together they provide a functional example deployment that allows users to upload their own media assets, combine them with effects, transitions and titling, as well as download the rendered video file for local use.

The server is available within Amazon's EC2 infrastructure as an AMI, and is configured below to use their S3 and SQS offerings to provide a bit of scaling for varying traffic and resource requirements. Alternatively, instances of the Server AMI can use REST to directly access instances of the Transcoder AMI and receive POSTed files back securely through HTTP. Learn more in Architectures and Server.

quick start

  1. follow the quick start in Transcoder AMI to launch it first and set up SQS.
  2. create an S3 bucket and place a permissive crossdomain.xml file at the top tier.
  3. search for 'moviemasher-server' in the console's EC2 Launch Wizard.
  4. launch an instance supplying User Data similar to:
  5. open port 80 in the Security Group the instance was launched within.
  6. enter the Public DNS Name of the instance into your browser's location field, supplying any username/password combination when prompted - edit video!


  • open port 21 and 22 in the Security Group to enable FTP access to the instance, as well as ports 12000-12100 if using PASV. Then use the following access details:
    Username: moviemasher
  • authenticate users by rewriting functions in example/transcode/media/php/include/authutils.php
  • change the layout by editing example/transcode/media/xml/panel.xml
  • edit source FLAs in Adobe Flashâ„¢ to create skins or generate custom fonts.
  • learn more about the whole system in the online Documentation.
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