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Movie Masher

open source online video editor and encoding api

The Movie Masher SDK includes everything needed to display the video editor on your site, and example scripts in PHP that demonstrate how to tie it together with Movie Masher Transcoder and utilize its API for uploads and renderings. The SDK also includes everything needed to customize every aspect of the editor, from look and feel to underlying functionality.

The SDK contains several examples intended to demonstrate different functionality. Only the 'transcode' example requires Movie Masher Transcoder - others like 'share' don't allow uploading or rendering but still provide full editing capabilities. Most of the interesting ones require PHP 5 and the curl module is needed to run the 'transcode' example.

The SDK is configured below to use the Transcoder AMI within Amazon's EC2 infrastructure and their S3 and SQS offerings to provide scaling for varying traffic and resource requirements. Alternatively, the SDK can use REST to access instances of the Transcoder AMI and receive POSTed files back securely through HTTP. Learn more in Architectures and Transcoder.

quick start

  1. follow the quick start in Transcoder AMI or Deployment Wizard to launch it first and set up SQS.
  2. create an S3 bucket and place a permissive crossdomain.xml file at the top tier.
  3. transfer SDK Version 3.2.30 to your server and decompress moviemasher directory into web root.
  4. change permissions of the following files so the web server process can write to them:
  5. move example/transcode/private above web root.
  6. edit private/moviemasher.ini setting the following options:
  7. specify moviemasher.ini path to config_get() in example/transcode/media/php/include/configutils.php or put the path to private directory in PHP's include_path configuration option somehow.
  8. load example/transcode/index.php in your web browser through your web server, supplying any username and password combination when prompted - edit video!


  • read example/transcode/README.txt for other configurations.
  • authenticate users by rewriting functions in example/transcode/media/php/include/authutils.php
  • adjust the layout by editing example/transcode/media/xml/panel.xml
  • edit source FLAs in Adobe Flashâ„¢ to create skins or generate custom fonts.
  • learn more about the whole system in the online Documentation.
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