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Movie Masher

open source online video editor and encoding api

Movie Masher is integrated into a wide variety of sites and provides a range of functionality within them. While the architecture is neatly divided into front and back end components, and both of these are available as ready-to-launch AMIs within Amazon's EC2 infrastructure, you're not required to use them both in tandem. Some sites just use the SDK to facilitate editing, while others just use the Transcoder for media processing - it depends on your needs.

Movie Masher SDK

The Movie Masher Software Development Kit includes all source files and compiled assets manifesting the editor within a browser, as well as several example deployments implemented in PHP and their associated XML configuration. The scripts are simple, so it's not uncommon for folks to rewrite them in other CGI compliant languages. The most advanced standalone example requires no authentication and simply shares the resultant mash on Facebook. There is also an extensive example that relies on the Transcoder for media conversions.

Server AMI

This Amazon Machine Image is simply a standard LAMP server with the SDK preinstalled, ready for testing and customization. By default it delivers the Facebook sharing example, but can be easily configured at launch time or afterwards to utilize the Transcoder, S3 and/or SQS. Both FTP and root access to instances is enabled and the AMI can be rebundled to build your own launchable servers.

Transcoder AMI

This Amazon Machine Image provides a private web API that the SDK can utilize for many transcoding tasks. The example included in the SDK converts user uploads to low resolution previews for optimum performance within the editor, while using the original high resolution files during the conversion back to true video format for download. Files can be stored locally or on S3 and jobs can be queued through REST or SQS (AWS support is generalized, so similar systems work too).

Deployment Wizard

Launch a fully functional, scaleable and configurable deployment of Movie Masher in just a few minutes, thanks to the magic of Amazon's CloudFormation service. The Transcoder AMI is launched within an auto-scaling pool and the Server AMI is preconfigured to utilize it through an SQS queue, placing the result into an S3 bucket. The Wowza Media Server can also be launched as part of the stack, to allow users to record from their webcam.

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