MM Movie Masher

open source online video editor & encoding api


version 4.0.12

Released: Mar 11th, 2015


Movie Masher version 4.0.x overhauls core components while limiting changes in its middleware layer, for easier migration of existing sites.

  • UI components previously implemented in Adobe Flash have been ported to native JavaScript and AngularJS
  • Transcoding components previously implemented in PHP have been ported to Ruby
  • The mash format has changed from XML to JSON

Some features available in previous versions have yet to be ported including REST support, webcam recording and the more elaborate modules.

Nomenclature for raw mash assets has changed slightly, and syntax for modular media has been significantly restructured to match the FFmpeg filter architecture.

what is movie masher?

Movie Masher is a collection of open source projects that add video editing capabilities to your website.
  • moviemasher.js

    stands below angular-moviemasher, providing audiovisual playback handling and edit support in a web browser
  • angular-moviemasher

    sits between moviemasher.js and moviemasher.rb, providing an editing GUI and simple CMS middleware layer
  • moviemasher.rb

    sits behind angular-moviemasher, providing processor intensive video transcoding services through a simple API

The projects can be used individually or together for a complete end-to-end system.

Movie Masher is designed with integration in mind, enabling a variety of deployment strategies. Core authentication, data and media storage mechanisms are isolated in the PHP middleware. MMView Demo

where is movie masher?

Run Movie Masher in the cloud, on your box, or dig right into the codebase...

AWS Marketplace

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Movie Masher Images in Docker

Developers: You are just two run commands from launching your own local deployment of Movie Masher within Docker's environment.


Movie Masher Repositories in Github

Programmers: You are just three clone commands from editing your own local copy of Movie Masher within your IDE.