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Movie Masher

open source online video editor and encoding api

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Video Editing for Your Site
Empower Users to Create Quality Content

Integrate to let users mash video, audio and images up with effects, transitions and titling to produce professional content for sharing, podcast and broadcast. Control every pixel in the editor and every step of the content flow through simple XML protocols, or build custom widgets, titles and effects in Flash.


Current Version: 3.2.30

The March 6th, 2014 distribution is now available at SourceForge along with updated Transcoder AMI and Server AMI within Amazon's scalable EC2 infrastructure.




Installation, Interface Customization, Content Management, User Controls, Modular Media, Applet XML Syntax, Mash XML Syntax, API XML Syntax


Latest Developments

  • CloudFormation is now much easier to utilize thanks to the new dynamic Deployment Wizard
  • Wowza Media Server now supported by the Recorder control
  • transcoder api is now properly documented in API XML Syntax
  • uploads can now be queued up within the editor so more than one file can be selected at a time
  • license updated to MPL 2.0 - more standardized, but still free and open source for everyone to deploy

What is Movie Masher?

A collection of software that provides both the front and back ends of a complete online video editing application, enabling your middleware layer to control every aspect of its presentation and underlying functionality.

  • front-end Adobe Flash™ applets provide a video mashing interface that is easy to reskin and extensible
  • back-end Transcoder provides a flexible API that converts mashes for download, podcast or broadcast
  • interactions always pass through your middleware layer so any custom workflow is possible

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